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Experience the Multiple Health Benefits of Honey

Local honey has been proven to eliminate allergies within a 50-mile radius of homes, and contains around 10 different types of friendly bacteria. Some of the other major health benefits of honey are:

• Strengthens the Immune System
• Reduces Ulcers
• Soothes Cuts and Burns Due To Its Drying and Antibacterial Effects

Cherry Hill Hives and Honey in Stafford, Virginia, offers naturally produced honey for sale to make this antibacterial, antifungal, and probiotic product more easily accessible.

Our Honey Process

Many of the good-quality parts of honey are destroyed when it is processed. We eliminate this issue by removing the honey from the super in the hive, decapping it and straining it into jars.  We simply separate the wax from the honey. Our first extraction is planned for the beginning of August.

Where to Buy

Our honey will be available at four different farmers markets from May to October and online during the other months. Prices vary based on the quantity of honey purchased.  Stay tuned.

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